Content production for Digital publishing

We publish all your digital content so that you can communicate to your audience easily and effectively. Our own  proprietary digital publishing software, MUST Authoring, allows you to create and manage learning modules, while QuickMCM enables you to display your content both on- and off-line.

What we do:

eLearning contenteLearning content
Web-Based TrainingWeb-Based Training
Serious game, Gamification, Role playSerious game, Gamification, Role play
3D interactive elements3D interactive elements
Branching scenarioBranching scenario
Video lessonsVideo lessons
Data collectionData collection
Localizations and translationsLocalizations and translations
Instructional designInstructional design

Some of our special projects in the “Content production for digital publishing” area

Date: 1998 - on going

Project description: We have a wide portfolio of video lessons created through the years.
A preview can be seen on our YouTube channel


Date: 2022

Client: Reale Mutua Group

Client request: To learning how to properly use new tools for the 4.0 digital company and to getting more efficient by using tools for document sharing and communication.

Project description: We proposed an online course on Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, with synchronous lessons and coaching on the adopted tools.

OneDrive and MTeams online training
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