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We design, develop and manage eLearning solutions thanks to our team of experts with specific competencies in software development, graphics, content organization, user management and reporting. We also have a large network of partners that complement our expertise.

What we do:

Customized software for eLearningCustomized software for eLearning
Software for digital publishingSoftware for digital publishing
Software for digital events and virtual congresses and conferencesSoftware for digital events and virtual congresses and conferences
Software for 3D graphicsSoftware for 3D graphics


Our software development team has more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of software applications.

We are now working mainly with cloud-based technologies.


We offer a full suite to manage your eLearning 720 degrees.


QuickMCM – A platform that includes both an authoring system, a Learning Management System (LMS) and an assessment tool.

MUST Authoring

MUST Authoring – To create SCORM standard content modules for any distance learning training course.

MUST Library

MUST Library – The LMS becomes an app, allowing you to take a course offline and much more.

MUST Assessmen

MUST Assessment – To easily create, supply and manage assessment tests, questionnaires and surveys.


Behind a user-friendly (“Netflix like”) interface, there’s a strong technical core. This has been developed through our 20 years’ experience, by listening to our clients, to the LMS users and to the market needs.

Our software can be integrated with third-party services, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Open Badge, to live your whole learning experience just in one place.


Our work experience has contributed to build a solid set of skills and expertise that we have applied to side areas. In this way our special projects have come to life: we have developed tools, events and activities to transform the way people experience work and leisure time.

We can also customize our software to meet your needs and to create a solution not available on the market yet.

Do you have a project in your mind, and you can’t find any standard solution?

Contact us, we can help you achieving your dreams.


Date: 2013 – ongoing

Client: Global Tourist Consulting

Client request: To verify and register participation during big events

Project description: We developed the “Attendance” iOS app; the attendant at the entrance will use it to scan the QR code showed by the guest, who will be automatically listed as “present”. The back-end includes the generation and the sending of the invitations, the management of the registration form, the settings for the e-mail and SMS notifications and much more, all functionalities related to the organization of events.

register participation

Date: 2016 – ongoing

Client: CSI Piemonte

Client request: To find a solution for safer forest sites

Project description: We developed an app and a website with informative sections; on both these channels it’s possible to add useful information for rescue regarding forest sites, such as position, access gates, and the contact details of the person in charge. The mobile app also allows to call 112 in case of emergency; thanks to the integration with the app “FlagMii”, it’s possible for rescue to geolocalize the call and to check the available information regarding the site.

geolocalize the call

Date: 2021 – ongoing

Client: Gruppo SC Studio Congressi and some related scientific associations

Client request: To collect data for clinical trials

Project description: We developed an online application that allows the management of multiple trials, each of them including multiple files (one for each patient) with several and advances tabs (for example, one tab for each follow-up visit). All trials can involve multiple clinical centers, but they can only manage their own patients. The people in charge for the trial can instead access all files. The tool that we developed allows an easy insertion of new trials.

clinical trials
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